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Banner Pens Charity Support - Hands Across The Water

For every job we complete for our customers, Banner-Pens USA donates $25 to Hands Across The Water.

We work hard to support not only the growth and success of our customers’ businesses through our promotional pull out banner pens but to also help further the incredible work undertaken by a charity close to our hearts – Hands Across the Water.

In Thailand in 2004, countless Thai children were left alone and homeless by the Boxing Day tsunami that devastated their country.

Former police forensic specialist Peter Baines, working with the tsunami disaster victim identification team, was deeply touched by the number of children left homeless and alone by the natural disaster. Peter was inspired to establish an organisation that could make a real difference. In late 2005, a team of committed individuals with the desire to help others formed Hands Across The Water.

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100% of donations goes to the kids and their communities. No donors’ money goes to administration. Or staff costs. Or marketing. Or fundraising.

Hands Across the Water support nearly 300 children in multiple locations across Thailand – providing them with homes, food, education and support.

To learn more about the charity you can head directly to their website:  Hands Across the Water

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