Compare the pricing listed below of all of our promotional pull out banner pens in their two different product categories.  We have included their most popularly ordered quantities – other quantities can be provided via a formal quote.

NOTE:  There are no additional set up, printing or shipping fees for USA jobs.


a) Gold Range Banner Pens – $/Pen

Our Gold Range Banner Pens are our most popular range of customized pens among all our customers. They offer a better price point than our Platinum Range but are still a high quality product that is perfect for events and promotions.

G Series$0.99$0.75$0.69$0.59$0.49
Zig Zag$1.04$0.80$0.74$0.64$0.54
The Wave$1.06$0.82$0.76$0.66$0.56
The Lanyard$1.09$0.85$0.79$0.69$0.59
Info Ring$0.89$0.65$0.59$0.55$0.47

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b) Platinum Range Banner Pens – $/Pen

Banner-Pens USA stock the genuine and patented ‘Banner Pen’ (or ‘Flag Pen’), which has now been in production for over 30 years.  Made in Germany, what we refer to as our ‘Platinum Range’, are the highest quality and most premium promotional pull out banner pens available in the world.  Perfect for high end customers and events.


Click on the links above to view full product descriptions.

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Step 3

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