Promotional Products

Randomly choosing an item to give away during an event is a bad idea. You need to ensure that the item you give away fits your marketing purpose and budget. We can never stress enough the importance of giving away free swags during a marketing event. Compared to other marketing methods, giving away promotional products…

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trade show

With various online marketing platforms vying for your attention this year, is it still important that you participate in trade shows and conventions? The answer is always yes.  In today’s marketing landscape, some business owners and marketers have gone all out in their online marketing efforts and have completely disregarded their offline marketing activities, such…

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Banner Pens - marketing strategy

What can you do to get your brand in the eyes and minds of more customers? How will customers distinguish your brand from the competition? Here are 9 ways your marketing strategy can prosper with the use of promotional products. 1. Develop long-term awareness In a study conducted by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International), 62%…

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