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Personalized banner pens / scroll pens are the best promotional pens available & we specialize in them 100%. Our pens comes with the same great benefits of ‘normal’ promotional pens but with much more space to educate and promote to your customers with their unique promotional pull out banner.

Ideas for Your Banner Pen & Scroll Pen

Timetables, Maps & Calendars
Events, Product Launches & Trade Shows
Technical Information & Quick Reference Guides
Branding, Marketing, Giveaways & Promotions

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Why Personalized Banner Pens Make the Best Promotional Pens

Promotional pens are fantastic and are the most popular promotional products used by businesses. They are useful for customers, can sit on your customers’ desks in clear view for months if not years at a time, they’re portable, come in a wide variety and are super economical.

Personalized banner pens (and scroll pens) take it a step further, including all the benefits of ‘standard’ promotional pens but with far more space to promote to, inform and educate your customers with their unique and interactive banners.

The big advantage with our pens is that you get the ability to be able to increase the value of the pen dramatically (and the length of time the customer hangs on to it for) by including some great information on the banners that the customer goes back to time and time again.  And every time they use the pen they are reminded of your branding and how you have provided some great information to help them out.

Here are some great examples of information and resources our customers have used to increase the value of the promotional pens to their customers and improve their profile as industry experts:

  • Calendars and Timetables
  • Things to Remember
  • Detailed Product Information 
  • Reference Guides
  • Service Information
  • Safety Information
  • Infographics
  • Technical Instructions
  • Maps and Visual Aids

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Position Yourself as Industry Experts

Online marketing at the moment is all about ‘content marketing’ and using articles and videos online to be able to strengthen a business’s profile and positioning as industry experts.  The only problem with this is that customers are being overwhelmed with the amount of online articles, newsletters and videos that are being sent their way via emails and social media.

banner pens - business-thinking-strategyTo help resolve the issue of ‘online overwhelm’ customers have been using personalized banner pens as an offline ‘content marketing’ tool to be able to get their message to cut through and have it hang around for far longer than the quick glances that most online marketing achieves.

Banner pens (or scroll pens) are perfect for being able to share helpful resources, timetables, maps and other useful tools with your customers to help build your profile and importantly stay in front of them and on their desk for months and months.

Unlike most promotional pens, our promotional pens provide added value via the content you place upon the banner, giving you a great opportunity to position yourself away from your competition and leverage your ‘content marketing’ strategy offline.